murderecords 7" Singles 1993-1998

C $9.99

The audio of all 7" singles put out by murderecords to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

This offer contains:

-Silver Suit
-Laying Blame
-Who You Frontin' For?
-Under The Influence of Meat Puppets II
-Chin Music
-Come Clean
-When They Paid Me
-You're Such A Stupid Idiot
-Play With Your Poodle
-Stood Up
-Same Old Flame
-One Day The Warner
-By Design
-West Island Rockers
-Frightened Of
-The Only Reason Under The Sun
-The Long And Winding Road
-Untitled ("Rhodes Jam") Part 1
-Untitled ("Rhodes Jam") Part 2
-The Ugly Details
-Giddy With The Drugs
-British Knights Coalition: Consolidate & Strike (Stomp Your BK's Down)
-Reason Why I'm Shy
-Pops and Company (Disco Version)
-Certain Someones
-Sad Salvation

Audio Format Options:
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)
-Apple Lossless

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